About Mentum

We are on a mission to make investing mainstream in Latin America. By building the rails that connect regulated investment firms with challenger banks, wallets, and financial institutions, we are removing the hurdles that have hindered 98% of the active working population in Latin America from generating wealth over time.

Mentum, the investment management API for LATAM

We’re building the infrastructure to power the next innovations in retail and institutional investing in Latin America. Put simply, our APIs allow fintechs and other institutions to offer investment services in a digital way. We offer access to capital markets through a wide range of mutual funds, stocks, and bonds by simplifying the account opening, funding, management, and reporting of investment products and services.

We have received the support from institutional investors in Silicon Valley, Europe, and Latin America, including top VCs, Y Combinator, hedge fund managers, and founders and operators at companies like Google, Airbnb, Square, and Plaid.

Our team is composed of builders and hackers from Wall Street and Silicon Valley, and we have worked at companies like BlackRock, Apple, Confluent, Wish, and IBM.

We want to make offering investment services as easy as setting up a landing page. And for this, we will need to innovate on different fronts: tech, compliance, regulation, business development, product, and much more. This is where you come into play, we are interested in learning about you and what drives you.

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